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Participation — A prerequisite for success

Children and young people are in the best position to know what is relevant for them, and are much more familiar with the trends that exist within their age group than what adults are.

It was on this basis that the DUG dance workshop model was formed. We wanted to give young people a greater say on the contents of the course, real influence on the decisions made and more responsibility with regard to the implementation of the course.

“Youth to youth” methodology
Many have probably heard of “youth to youth” methodology, but don’t quite know what it is. In short, the methodology is based on young people teaching other youths. Our experience with the “youth to youth” methodology is that youths who convey a message to other youths have a far greater impact.

DUG believes that a precondition for youths wanting to engage themselves, is that they are heard and that their interests are safeguarded. Organising dance workshops in such a way that youths have the right to participate in the decision making process gives them far greater responsibility and they become more independent. This gives them a unique experience, a sense of achievement and last but not least, good training for similar jobs in later adult life.

Participation in our dance workshop model is both formally and informally organised. The youths participate in the formal decision making and in the organising of specific projects. They strengthen their identity through asserting their own beliefs, establishing good relations and building bridges across generations. Last but not least, they learn to value a democratic decision making process, with set prerequisites and a fixed framework that they must adhere to.

Many have got the impression that young people are not engaged in their own future. In some cases this may reflect their experience in life of not being heard. They have resigned and given up protesting against the adult’s dispositions, and thereby give off the impression that they are not interested in contributing. We want to change this!

The participation of young people is a prerequisite for succeeding with youth work.

Ove Henning, Managing Director

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