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Young people as tutors

Young people as tutors

Youth-to-youth tutoring is a methodology for creating change in knowledge, attitudes, skills and, ideally, a change in the behaviour of individuals and groups.

The aim of youth-to-youth tutoring is primarily to teach young people about what is needed in order to be independent and responsible. Young people who convey a message have a greater influence on other young people, and a greater preventive effect. Young people are involved at all levels and take decisions concerning their own dance workshop.

The key benefit of this method is that having young people as the tutors in many areas can have a greater influence on children and youth than adults. Young people have a better understanding of a young person’s environment and can reach hidden and vulnerable groups. Youth-to-youth tutoring is defined as a public strategy for health promotion and prevention work among children and young people (White papers no.17 (1999-2000), and 39 (2001-02).

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